2000 Z71 Silverado lifter noise?

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5.3 V8 engine that now has 126k miles.

I have heard it upon first start up since about 40000 miles.  It
disappears quickly but worries me a bit since any noise usually
indicates wear. The longer the vehicle sits before driving the more the
tapping occurs.  It does not seem to occur if I drive it several times a
day except upon the first start up of the day.

I took it to a dealer some time ago and they said that it was because
the shop where I had the oil changed had used a cheap filter and I
should switch to a GM oil filter.  I did switch and it seemed to help
some but the noise is still there and the dealer now says it is normal.

Anyone else have a similar issue or any idea if it is indeed the quality
of the oil filter?

Thanks for any info.

Ron T

Re: 2000 Z71 Silverado lifter noise?
There was a TSB for a redesigned oil pick up or pump gasket or seal, that
could cause
this, check alldata.com or your Chev dealer for a tsb for cold start tappet
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Re: 2000 Z71 Silverado lifter noise?
The noise you are hearing is caused by piston slap. This is caused by too
loose tolerances on the piston skirt and goes away when the engine heats up
and the piston expands. Go to pistonslap dot com if you want more info.


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Re: 2000 Z71 Silverado lifter noise?
Ron Truitt wrote:
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You need a different dealer.  There are some reasons not to use a cheap
filter but this ain't one of them.  Brian's answer is the right one.  Some
trucks are notorious for piston slap and there's no cure.  GM won't fix it,
so you just got to live with the noise.

Re: 2000 Z71 Silverado lifter noise?

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Nearly every V8 gas engine in the Chevy truck line from this era (1999 to
2003) has piston slap. The dealer he brought it to knew exactly what they
were hearing...they like to pretend it doesn't exist. One needs to be firm
with the dealer and make demands.

In some cases GM has fixed the problem, so to say "there's no cure" is
false. In states with the lemon law, Chevy and GMC owners that brought their
truck back to the dealer for repairs enough actually had their engines
replaced as it was an on going defect that the dealerships couldn't
repair...General Motors kept this information very hushed.

My father's complaints went to the regional office where he was "given" a
100,000 transferable warranty on his 6.0 l engine. My 5.3 V8 had it too; I
simply ignored it. At 126,000 miles there isn't anything you can complain
about...now you have to live with it. I ran Mobil 1 synthetic in my 5.3 and
that helped quite alot.

Re: 2000 Z71 Silverado lifter noise?
Thanks fellas.  Looks like I am nailed.  It must not be too far off in
tolerance or the engine would have already worn out.  But I may be smart
to get rid of the truck before putting too many more miles on it.

Ron T

Re: 2000 Z71 Silverado lifter noise?
don't worry about it. My 2000 Sierra with the 4.8 had been doing that you
over 5 years now and still runs like new.
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Re: 2000 Z71 Silverado lifter noise?
The wife's 2000 Grand Prix 3.1L did it, our 2000 impala 3.4L did it,
and the 2005 Impala 3.4L we have now does it.  Never had any problems
with any of them.  The 2000 Impala had 118, 000 miles on it and it ran
great, just made noise the first 30-40 seconds it was running when

The cause is the short piston skirts used in these newer engines.


Glenn Squire wrote:
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