99 Suburban Electrical Problem

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I have a strange electrical problem with a 1999 Suburban. For no
apparent reason, the vehicle will lose all electrical power - and I
mean everything. Power locks won't work, clock resets once power
returns. If you let it sit, the power will eventually return -
sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes 8 hours later.
I've check the battery connections, every ground wire I can find and
wiggle every wire under the hood to try to replicate the problem, but
haven't found a cause yet.
I talked to a service tech at my local Chevy dealer and he said it
sounds like a bad ignition switch. This doesn't make sense to me.
Would a bad ignition switch cut power to everything, including the
power door locks?
Anyone ever have this problem before? Thanks.

Re: 99 Suburban Electrical Problem
I think that the battery / cables / grounds / fuse block any any other major
connections is what you need to look for first.

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Re: 99 Suburban Electrical Problem
Check the bulkhead connector:

Where all the posative cables join from the main posative babbery cable,
either on the starter or on the fender well.

I'm sure you'll find a loose or corroded connection.

I hope this helps?

Refinish King

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Re: 99 Suburban Electrical Problem
reclean your battery terminals GOOD.
I mean scrape them with a brush or knife and do both the cables and
then wash with wet baking soda and rinse. this will probably stop the
problem, and many others.
old john

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