E34 Coolant Level Warning

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I have a 1993 E34 with the M50 engine and I'm getting a coolant level
I have done the following:
 checked the coolant level - everything is OK
 changed the sensor with the float - still get the warning and the sensor
was tested to be sure it worked.
 checked for blown fuse in the main fuse box - none found
 check the ground wire for continuity - checked out OK

I'm still getting the warning and I'm out of ideas - any suggestions?

Also, does anyone know how to take off the decorative cover on the outside
mirrors without damaging the cover?  I need to replace the driver's side
mirror and according to the Bentley manual, there is an access slot under
the mirror which I don't see, so I assume the cover comes off to gain

1993 525i / 145K miles

Re: E34 Coolant Level Warning

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I took mine off to paint it.
I removed the mirror first by tilting it up enough to get a thin knife
behind it to unclip it from it's mounting on the adjustment mechanism. Once
you've done that, the cover is easily removed.
TBH I forget how, but it is easy, and obvious, once you can see inside the
Being very easy is probably why I can't recall exactly what I did, and it
was a few months ago. :-)

Re: E34 Coolant Level Warning

Does the '93 E34 have a bleeder for the cooling system?
Sometimes trapped air will give you a warning light.

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