E39 - Where is Heater Blower Fuse?

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I have a 2001 year 5 series - the AC/heater  fan blower stopped working so I
went to check if the fuse is blown.

I can't find the fuse - it is listed as # 76; rated at 40A.

The fuse is not in the glove box, or in the trunk.

I'm told there is also a fuse box under the hood - does anyone know where it

Re: E39 - Where is Heater Blower Fuse?

Bill Stevenson wrote:
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the fuse will definately be in the glove box or in the rear but without
looking im not sure which but they have a small number next to them usually
another cause may be your heater fan resister may have gone down which is a
fairly common problem does the fan speed indicator speed change when you
increase the speed setting the box under the bonnet is the ebox and contains
control units and a couple of relays but i dont think any are for the fan let
me know how you get on ill be able to check for deffinate if you are stuck

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Re: E39 - Where is Heater Blower Fuse?

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There are apparently fuses in the ECU box, in addition to the glove box
and trunk.


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