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Re: Re: 2005 Silverado radio 'locked'

PlowBoy wrote:

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Your HO is wrong for the 03 and up.  02 and below your info about the owner
programming a code is correct, but 03 and up they switched to reading the
VIN from the BCM.

Re: Re: 2005 Silverado radio 'locked'

Nope,  Not a dealer myth. Fact. The 2002 and up use a signal from the
class 2 data buss to read the VIN coding inside the radio. If that
number matches the vehicle VIN then the radio works, If not it locks up
and doesn't work. No way for the owner to alter any of that, you need a
dealer scan tool and the correct coding to alter the programming. The
partial VIN is stored in the radios memory and is read by the vehicles
computer. If that radio loses power or blows a fuse it is no big deal,
when power is restored the radio will be scanned and work as it always

On the vehicles that had owner programmed codes, the owner could push a
couple buttons and enter the code they got and give them to a dealer who
would run them and then give them an unlock code. If this type radio
loses power and locks up the above will work to unlock it.

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in the factory VIN. have mine buttons on want, just could be the you goto and AM/FM
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Re: 2005 Silverado radio 'locked'

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Sorry but there is NO code to unlock that radio. It has to be
reprogrammed to read some digits in the VIN number of the vehicle in
order to operate. Only a dealer can do it and your going to need proof
that it isn't stolen before they will do anything.

Steve Williams


Re: 2005 Silverado radio 'locked'

ebay radio  ?

send it back  to the seller and give him a bad ref  for selling  crap
that he knows that wont work !!!!!!!!!!!  IT'S CALLED

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