Chevy Astro van rear doors removal??

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Chevy Astro Van
Need someone who can tell me how to remove the door pins for the back
door pair.  Spent hours at a bone yard trying to get them off.  What's
the secret.  Please anyone who knows, tell me.  Desperate to get doors
before someone else makes off with them.  Joshy

Re: Chevy Astro van rear doors removal??

joshy wrote:
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nothing in my gmc shop manual about the rear doors.
haynes says just to "drive the pins out" while an assistant
is supporting the weight.  There is mention of "removing
a check strap".
that's it...thehick

Re: Chevy Astro van rear doors removal??

A few years (god that is an understatement) when I was in school I seen a
tool that I think was sold by Snap On. Now before you start groaning to
loudly about pricey Snap On Tools there is some things you can do other then
purchase some high dollar item from Snap On. First by the way I read this I
assume you are trying to use "used" parts to fix your doors. Not a bad idea
for most common parts i.e. a fender, BUT I am pretty sure that Auto Zone,
Advanced Auto or O Reily's carries replacement parts new and very affordable
in the HELP! Section. The pins should be standard size on them making
pulling used parts a long and difficult way of repairing your current doors.
Getting your old pins out aren't any easier either and by using the used
ones you are doubling your work. I would go to the local Wally World (aka
Wal Mart) and by a cheap rotory tool. Not the hole saw type the Dremel
version and grab a pack of cut off wheels and and a grinding set (roughly
$40 for all). Gently drive your old pins up till the head is up about a 1/4
of an inch and then with the cut off wheels cut the head off. Grind the area
slightly around where you cut the top of the pin to remove any burs. Safety
METHOD. Now drive the pin do and out of the hinges
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