97 plymouth breeze, coolant wonít stop boiling!! help!!

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I have a 97 Plymouth Breeze and recently every time i shut my car off,
my coolant/antifreeze is at a rolling boil and it does this for at
least 2 minutes before it cools down. iíve had my radiator flushed, is
it the thermostat?? any advice would be super helpful, thanks!

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Re: 97 plymouth breeze, coolant won't stop boiling!! help!!

hotcar wrote:
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Have you checked the radiator cap to ensure it is opening at the
correct PSI? Also,
a correct antifreeze/water mixture will raise the boiling tempurature
to the proper tempurature.

I would also suggest checking the thermostat as you mentioned.

One final item. Since your Breeze is a 1997, has the head gasket been
replaced with the multi-layered "MLS" gasket?
If there is a leak in the gasket, the exhaust can force coolant back
into the recovery bottle. Eventually, the cooling system will be low.
This happened on my 1990 Dodge Spirit with a 2.5L engine.

-Kirk Matheson