2000 Dodge Cummins APPS?

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Can anyone confirm if there is an APPS on a 2000 24V Dodge Cummins?  My
torque converter is locking/unlocking between 45-50 mph on my 2000 24V
with 110K miles.  Was doing it a while back but had an unrelated
injector pump problem that was replaced and it went away.  When it did
it then, I asked the Dodge dealer to price one for me.  They said there
wasn't such a thing (I asked them to check APPS and TPS)... said
something like there's a "bell crank" sensor or something.  He even
went out to confirm with the diesel tech, but I didn't hear how he
phrased the question.  It sounded to me more like they were talking
about a speed sensor.

Anyway, is there one?  Does anyone have any idea what a replacement
costs?  And is it easy to get to?

Based on looking at the archives, it looks like it's a reasonable bet
to solve my problem, but I don't want to start throwing parts at it if
they're expensive.  I'm also wondering if I have a bad connection that
I should check into if the inj pump replacement solved the problem for
3-4 months.  



Re: 2000 Dodge Cummins APPS?

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Yep.  If your dealership thinks otherwise, ask them to look in a service
manual, chapter 14, under 'Fuel Injection - Diesel'.  The first sub-section
is all about the APPS.

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If Max340 sees this, he'll respond - he recently priced one out.  As for
location, look on the front of the engine, driver's side.  you'll find a
black plastic cover, round in the front.  There's a couple of plastic
clips/screws holding this on.  Remove the cover, and there's the APPS.

Typical problems for a TC locking/unlocking while cruising are either a bad
APPS/TPS, or a bad brake switch.  An OBD-II scanner with real-time
capability could monitor the throttle position, and let you know in short
order if the APPS was the cause of the problem.

If you have a bit of electrical knowledge, and an analog multimeter, you
could back-probe the APPS electrical connector, and cycle the sensor through
it's range, watching the needle on the meter.  Any erratic behavior while
smoothly cycling the sensor would indicate a problem.

Re: 2000 Dodge Cummins APPS?

Thanks, Tom.  I did hook it up to my OBD-II scanner and pressed the
accelerator while in neutral (no load).  The Actron scanner I have
gives two readings, the first appears to be voltage of the
potentiometer and the second may be % throttle.  At the range I'm
having trouble, ~1200 RPM, it appeared to be working ok, at least with
no obvious dead spots.  I was ranging through 0-maybe 5.3v while
messing around.  I did notice the % throttle seemed to fluctuate some
in the 14-16% range if that's indeed what the reading was.  I'll try
hooking it up and driving it to see what it's doing under load.  I can
also try the analog multimeter you suggested next.  It did kick out of
cruise control yesterday, but only once.  So I guess I'll try the
cleaning the contacts on th brake switch too.

Thanks for the suggestions.  


Re: 2000 Dodge Cummins APPS?

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Well, my price was for one I bought a year ago, and I paid $320, which was
with tax but below retail.

You might also check to see if your problem is the same one I had: Dealer
tech did not properly connect wiring harness to the APPS after replacing the
inj. pump.


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Re: 2000 Dodge Cummins APPS?

Thanks, Max.  I am wondering why I had the problem (less so than now)
before the inj pump was replaced, and then it went away after
replacement.  Then nothing until a 150 mile trip last night.  I'll
definitely check the connectors first.


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