fel-pro intake gasket set plenum leak

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I got a Fel-Pro intake manifold gasket set part #MS 95392-1 for my 1998 5.9
liter Dodge 4x4. The plenum is leaking oil into the manifold. My Haynes
repair manual tells me the intake gaskets should be marked left & right, they
are not. Does the smooth side of the gasket go toward the cylinder? Also it
says to put a light coat of RTV sealant on the cylinder head side of the
intake before installing the gaskets. As these are the composite gaskets, I
believe they are impregnated with silicone, which makes me think I shouldn't
need to use RTV. They have a blue slick coating over the metal center of the
gaskets. I have not started tearing it down yet, but would like to get this
done tomorrow (9-25-06). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: fel-pro intake gasket set plenum leak

You should have gotten this instead:

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