90 Ford F150 key lost. How to remove, IGN. OFF ?

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A friend has lost her ignition key for her 1990 Ford F150 (300cu. in. std.
trans.). I have removed the steering wheel, turn signal switch unit and I
have ordered a new ignition switch tumbler unit with key.

The Haynes manual says the switch tumbler must be "ON" in order to remove it
and I can't do that without a key.

How do I get the tumbler unit out? the @1/8 dia. locking pin will not
depress or pull out,
do I try to "Dremel drill" off the pin, jam a hefty screwdriver in the
keyslot and twist, pry out on the shoulder of the finger tab collar.

No big hurry here, the lady somehow lost her keys when her horse was
startled, bucked her off, broke her leg (thankfully it wasn't the horse's
leg) and ran home.

The only thing the lady is driving right now is an Invalid's Walker, and the
only saving grace there is she doesn't have to put gas in it.

Anyway, eventually she will need to drive again and I'd like to get the
ignition tumbler replaced by then.
Spud, Mission BC Ca.

Re: 90 Ford F150 key lost. How to remove, IGN. OFF ?
Easiest way is to drill down through the centre of the lock cylinder.... you
will need to take care and avoid damaging the housing that the cylinder
nests in. If impatience sets in or concentration lapses, this repair can
become needlessly frustrating.

You may also want to introduce the young lady to the idea of having at least
one spare key at all times.... (think of the effort this could have saved

Re: 90 Ford F150 key lost. How to remove, IGN. OFF ?
Thanks Jim,

Oh yes, the lady is very well aware of her backup key oversight now.

What size drill through the tumbler and about how deep?  New tumbler is on
order so I don't know yet how it couples in to steering collar.

                 Spud-- Rather be workin' on a John Deere

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Re: 90 Ford F150 key lost. How to remove, IGN. OFF ?
I can't ever rememebr which one is the magic size.... I start with about
1/4" to set my centreline through the tumbler. Somewhere between 7/16ths and
1/2 inch seems to be the "magic window". Rather than hog it out in one or
two passes, I prefer to try to pick the tumblers out as I go..... nothing
worse than having to say oops just before we head to the auto wreckers...

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Re: 90 Ford F150 key lost. How to remove, IGN. OFF ?

Yes, by gum it worked great. I didn't look at the size of bit but at around
7/16ths the key tumbler assembly jumped over to the "ON" position and pulled
out with the drill bit. I didn't have to depress the pin inside. A quick
shot of compressed air to clean out the drill chards, a shot of spray
Lubriplate in the tumbler socket and the new assembly popped in and
performed perfectly.

Still embarrassed, being a old Chevy owner I didn't realize that in those
Fords, the doors used the same key and I could have easily popped out a door
lock and taken it to a locksmith to have a new key made. Oh well the old
tumbler's thumb ear piece was half broken off anyway.

All in vain, somebody had found her lost keys, dropped them on a Canadian
mailbox and the TB Vets returned her keys last Friday by courier even though
the donation registration tag was outdated.  At least she doesn't have to
replace the door locks now.

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