1987 Ford Crown Victoria LTD Wagon 4 sale

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I've got an '87 Crown Victoria LTD wagon..light blue. I took it to the
gas station back in may, and after fueling, it wouldn't start, so it
had to be towed home. The battery in it is still good, however I think
the starter on it went bad. I think the fuel pump may have issues too,
because it was slowing down going up a hill and I had it floored. The
weather stripping around all the windows is suffering from dry rot,
and the rear right passenger door has a dent in it as well as a few
minor rust spots on various locations of the car. It's only got 80000
miles on it. It really needs to go...and I'd like to get maybe a few
hundred out of it if possible.....it's located in Indiana County,
Pennsylvania zip code 15759...so make an offer...

snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com if you're interested...thanks!

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