2001 Ford Taurus life expectancy question

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I have a 2001 Ford Taurus that belonged to my son. Got it form him
used to get back and forth from schoolI Got it with 80K miles for
$5000.  He passed away in 2004 at 19 years old and only was in school
for 3 months. I have kept the car because it has sentimental value and
have personally run it up to 110K miles since inheriting. It has had
various problems but none major until recently when front transmission
seals have quit. I was able to pour a quart in here and there but now
it leaks too badly. Had it looked at and the cheapest way to resolve
it is to let my neighbor in the used parts business get me a tranny.
Found a low mileage one for $600.00. Installed it would be about $
1100-1200. I really can't afford to get into a payment situation right
now with another vehicle and will most likely give this taurus to my
other son. Am I putting good money into a losing situation. What can I
expect mileage wise out of this car. If it's good for another 50K
miles I suppose it's worth it. What other major problems can I expect
with this type of mileage. Timing chains come to mind. Again, I know
that emotions is playing into this decision but so is finances. Thanks
in advance for any opinions.


Re: 2001 Ford Taurus life expectancy question

On Nov 24, 5:10 pm, snipped-for-privacy@comcast.net wrote:
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In my opinion, the ford taurus is the best [i.e. mechanically sound]
car ford has ever built. The 3 litre v6 vulcan or duratech [or is it
vtech] will easily be good to 400k plus. I know mechanics that have
never worked on this engine. I'm suprised the trany is a prob after
80K. 10 years ago you could not find a taxi that was a ford. Now where
I'm from 60% plus are taurus. {yeah I know they aren't expensive which
helps}. One of fords all time best selling cars. And no I don't work
for ford.
Just an opinion

Re: 2001 Ford Taurus life expectancy question

WG wrote:
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Uhhm, 10 years ago there were plenty of ford crown victoria cop cars
around... certainly not a taurus...

the C-V took a dip for awhille around 2000 here, and now its becoming
popular again as a taxi.. i've even see a few ex cop cars going to
taxi's now.

Re: 2001 Ford Taurus life expectancy question

 you put 30k on it and dont know the milage?


Re: 2001 Ford Taurus life expectancy question

snipped-for-privacy@comcast.net wrote:
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Did you take it to an independent transmission shop and get there
opinion and quote? It may be more economical to fix it if the core
trannie is still intact. What seals are you talking about? where the 1/2
shafts go in or where the coolant lines go in? Or is it puking out the vent?


Re: 2001 Ford Taurus life expectancy question

Sorry for the repost. I just set up a new trial version of Free Agent
and had my persona wrong so I reposted under the first post's email
name to avoid confusion.

First of all thank you all for the replies. I am not sure what the
actual diagnosis of the problem was but the Transmission Repair shop
was recommended to me by my neighbor who has upmost respect for the
owner. He sells him transmissions several times a year (my neighbor
has used auto body parts business). He would not intentionally steer
me wrong or make a penny off me for the parts. The Trans Shop told me
that to replace the seals would not be a good ideas as the car has
been driven with low fluid on various occassions.I was told that
future problems weren't guaranteed with seal fix. Basically they said
they didn't advise it with so many miles on the transmission. Their
quote was for 1800-2200 to take it out and rebuild it with new parts
where needed. To install the replacement transmission my neighbor
located for me  they want about 500.00. That sounds a bit high
considering they will have my old transmission for spare parts ?  I
have put sealers into transmission which some think could cause
problems later. I know that the transmission feels perfect when the
fluid  levels are ok - smooth shifts, no hesitations as of yesterday.
I'm thinking the low mileage replacement transmission if installed
properly might make more sense. Like I said I didn't get a price for
the seal repair but maybe I should from another shop ?
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