96 Ford windstar need fuse box diagram

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My sister owns this dam van. It didnt come with a schematic of what
fuse operates what device.
Would someone be kind enough to scan this and email it to us before we
blow it up? FORD  (maybe at one time they had a better idea but whats
up lately:). I counted 35 fuses or so.
F.O.R.D.; found on the Road, Dead!
PLease email me at snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com  subject: Fuse box diagram   (so
i can pick it out of the 200 spam messages I get everyday)
And if youre ever in Cincinnati look us up and Ill get her to buy you a
cup of coffee. thanks-Mylo

Re: 96 Ford windstar need fuse box diagram

Let's get a couple of things straight, Mylo..... someone may choose to
e-mail you... most here wont. Ya don't get to slink in, rape someone for
free info and have them take off their pants to save you the trouble of
ripping them.... Here's a reply.... a very good reply... and it's free....
and this is all the leg work I'm going to do for you or your sister....

Go to motorcraft.com .... Geez, I'm sorry I didn't do the http thing and
turn it into a link.... Near the top of the page, theres a tab marked
"technical resources"... Click that and a new window will open. Down the
left side, you will see a tab marked "owner guides".... click on that and
you will get a screen with some drop downs.... if you need, it will even
prompt you to install Acrobat Reader. What you will see (and can copy and
even print) will be the whole freakin' owners manual for your sisters

How on earth did I find that, you might ask??? Google, young sir.....

You'll have to forgive my bad attitude.... I was doing OK up until you
started telling us stuff we already knew, following it up with a needless
comment and then telling us exactly what was acceptable for your busy
lifestyle... deal with it, take the free info, learn from the experience and
move on with your life.....

Wish your sister a Merry Xmas....

Re: 96 Ford windstar need fuse box diagram

Jim Warman wrote:
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... i'm not doing anything right now so I emailed the pertinent 3 pages
from a manual i got from a free site.  I forget the url right now
and can't find it.  it was mainly about audio but for some reason
had a bunch of car manuals.  anybody know the site?

Re: 96 Ford windstar need fuse box diagram

snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote:
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Mylo, Warman better get a LARGE 5-way at Skyline for his help - coffee
won't cut it!


Re: 96 Ford windstar need fuse box diagram

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Quoted text here. Click to load it
a Better yet,  Go to Kroger or IGA and get Warman a couple cans (NOT
packets) of 'Cincinnati Recipe' chili and parcel post em to him in
along with directions for 3, 4, and 5 ways. {also used with cheddar on

It's much better than Skyline and similar but a little more bouquet than
Gold Star.

He deserves it for always being here and the voice of the astute, if
grouchy, tech who makes a living from it but gives advice for free.

And Warman... if Mylo dont do it, email me.  

Cincinnati Chili is almost as good as valium after a tough day.

Yeh, I'm a Krusty old Geezer, putting up with my 'smartass' is the price
you pay..DEAL with it!

Re: 96 Ford windstar need fuse box diagram

Backyard Mechanic wrote:

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  I'll second that! Good stuff Maynard.

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