'99 Taurus - Loud Noise/Vibration on cold start

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I have a 1999 Taurus with about 110,000 miles on it.  I live in the
northeast US.  For the last several months I have been getting a sound
of a loud vibration in the engine of the car.  The noise only occurs
when the car is first started and the engine is cold. Generally it will
last for the first five minutes of use - when the car is put into
reverse for the first time; drive for the first time, etc - then it
goes away once the car is warmed up.  It seems to be worse as the
temperature drops and tends to be noticeable for a longer period of
time the colder it is.

It only occurs with a cold start.  So, it happens in the morning and at
the end of my work day when I am leaving my job.  If the car is warmed
up and I go into the store for ten minutes, when the warm car is
restarted, the noise does NOT happen.   This noise does not seem to be
affecting any other aspect of the car's operation.  It drives,
shifts, and accelerates fine. It is more of an annoyance than anything
else and if I wasn't worried about it waking up my neighbors and my
home owners association lodging a complaint, I might even ignore it.

Had it into my local Ford dealer last week and they suggested flushing
the transmission fluid.  That was done but the problem is still there.
Today I brought it in again and they are now telling me they need more
time to look at it and want me to bring it back next Saturday for them
to continue their research.  The only thing they could tell me is they
have narrowed it down to the noise coming from either my ABS or inside
the transmission.

Anyone familiar with a loud, cold start, noise that goes away after
five minutes, so I can offer my Ford technician some guidance?


Re: '99 Taurus - Loud Noise/Vibration on cold start

snipped-for-privacy@aol.com wrote:
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Your "vibration" explanation is throwing me off a little - is it an
actual vibration, loud enough to alert the neighbors, or a loud noise,
w/o actual vibration?

Water pump, altrernator, or belt tensioner, maybe.  Is this a 3.0 12V
Vulcan OHV or a 3.0 24V Duratech OHC?


Re: '99 Taurus - Loud Noise/Vibration on cold start

The best way to describe the noise is, kind of a groaning sound combine
that with what I am calling a =93vibration=94 that sounds like the sound of
a baseball card in the spokes of a bicycle (am I showing my age here?).
 It is a loud noise that I=92m sure my neighbors can hear.  There isn=92t
really a vibration per say, of the car shaking, but, you can feel a
mild vibration in the gas pedal if the noise happens when you are

The car is an SE station wagon with the 6 cylinder, 24 valve engine.  I
would have to check my files for more information.

Ford=92s guess of either =93something with the ABS or something inside the
transmission=94 is based on the sound coming from that area, but they did
not have two technicians available this morning to work in tandem to

Re: '99 Taurus - Loud Noise/Vibration on cold start

With that amound of miles your Taurus has already served it's usefull
life.  Please consider purchasing a new more reliable car.  Look into
the new midsize replacement which is the Ford Fusion.  If you want a
wagon, consider the Ford Focus wagon.  Or even the Malibu Maxx.  (no
flames please)

If it were me though and I had limited means I would keep the car
because if something went wrong 95% of the time I'll know exactly what
it is.


Re: '99 Taurus - Loud Noise/Vibration on cold start

snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com wrote:
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A G3 Taurus w/ only 110K mi. is at only 1/2 or less of its useful
service life.

Fix it & drive it.  Don't throw a lot of money at it, though.  Compare
the repair figure to payments on a replacement vehicle.


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