Ford Escort 2002 belt tensioner problem

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Got this 2002 Ford Escort 2.0L. My problem is that the belt tensioner
keeps bouncing back slightly making a clattering noise (not too
bothering... but noticeable) Its as if the belt tensioner doesn't have
enough tension and the belt force keeps forcing it make it
bounce a little back... then back to position. I replaced the belt and
belt tensioner and it still does the same problem. Any one have any
clues here? I read from Alldata that its just a simple operation to
replace belt and the belt tensioner gives correct tension. However, Im
beginning to wonder here if im doing something wrong..or the
tensioner..isnt tensioning correctly

Re: Ford Escort 2002 belt tensioner problem

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Remove the belt and check each of the accessories and idler pulleys
to make sure each spins smoothly without any play laterally or axially.
Check each pulley surface to make sure there are no bumps or gouges.
Check the crankshaft pulley to make sure the damper isn't breaking
down (just watch it as it spins and make sure it's not bouncing around).
If the tensioner bounces more when the A/C is engaged, that's normal.

The tensioner on my 97 Escort bounces around a little, and there's no
reason not to live with it as is. But it doesn't make a clattering noise,
or at least I can't hear it over the usual valve train noise.

Re: Ford Escort 2002 belt tensioner problem
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yeah i found out that it was the power steering that was failing. Im
guessing it was causing a drag on the belt. I later changed out the
power steering and now it runs quieter and no bouncing around.

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