need help on Motorcraft 740 carburetor

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I need advice on Ford Motorcraft 740 carburetor for 1984 Ford Escort
1.6 L 2 barrel  loosing vacuum on carburetor. So rpm is at  1250 rpm
due to vacuum leak.  I used carburetor cleaner to race vacuum leak and
found it was leaking from the choke housing. Inspection of choke
housing shows it is loose. Choke is not working at cold start.  It
appears lost one screw inside the housing. I found a matching  screw
*8-UNF 0.25 length pan shape slotted head machine screw to tightened
the housing. But it is still leaking vacuum.  I got the shop manual  to
see the diagram.  I see I am supposed to have 3 screws. I got one screw
remain. I got another one to tighten the housing. I do not  the
location of the third one.  Question: is it suppose to have 3?
*** The diagram shows I may be missing  a choke  shaft washer and nut
(#39 and 40 in the diagram, and also a choke retainer seal (#28).
Question: will I be able to find these in a rebuilt-kit?******   Manual
instruction also says drill out the 2 rivets.  Question: to do what?
Manual also says use outside  vacuum source 17" to  hold the  choke
when assembly?  question:  how to get an outsdie vacuum?

Re: need help on Motorcraft 740 carburetor

On 24 Feb 2006 08:18:23 -0800, wrote:

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buy rebuild kit
follow directions included
vacume pump  


Re: need help on Motorcraft 740 carburetor

thank you for your suggestion

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