1980 f150- rear leaf springs

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1980 f150 camper special 2 dr 2wd
this might be old school and/or textbook stuff but i have to ask before i go
and break something...

rear leaf springs
does the new set of leafs simply go back in and bolt up?

(assuming they are the right model/size)
i am using all new parts
i have a manual from chilton but that doesnt really help

thanks peepes

Re: 1980 f150- rear leaf springs

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go If you are putting the same springs on it should be pretty much a nut and
job.  I would replace the U-Bolts and the bolts where they mount to the
shackles as well,
 and if it uses "rubber" cushions on the spring seats those as well if the
new don't come with
them.  Use anti seize lube in the spring bushings in the "eyes" , but not on
the threads of the bolts.
Be prepared to have to cut the front and rear spring mount bolts off, on a
27 year old
truck they maybe froze solid in the eye bushings.

Re: 1980 f150- rear leaf springs

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Pretty much..  Might help to have an extra pair of hands with this one
as these things and the axle are heavy.  Swap 'em one side at a time,
but don't torque 'em all down right away.  Get it snug enough to hold
it in place put the wheels back on and lower the truck to get the
weight on the springs.  Now torque it all down  Recheck all the
hardware after the 1st 100 miles or so..

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