fuel injection system 7.3

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How do you bleed a fuel injection system on a ford 7.3? thanks

Re: fuel injection system 7.3

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Bleed Fuel Injection?

I've never heard of the need to do that because one end of the system is
open anyhow, and it bleeds itself. But, yoiu could find the fuel feed line
and disconnect it from the fuel rail, then set the Ignition to ON until fuel
comes out. There is also a schrader valve (looks sorta like the valve for
putting air in the tires) that you could open, then set the ignition to ON
until fuel comes out.

But, if you recently replaced a fuel pump or filter and want to get the gas
to come up, all you need do is the normal stuff to start the car -- I assume
the motor is actually in a truck, but that's not important.

You need to bleed a closed system, like brakes or a hydraulic clutch. The
reason is that the air that is trapped in the closed system will adversely
affect the operation of the system. The fuel system is not closed, per se,
because the injectors open and let the air out. By definition, it

Re: fuel injection system 7.3

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thank you for your reply

Re: fuel injection system 7.3

On Sat, 29 May 2010 18:11:11 -0700 (PDT),
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Is the 7.3L not a Diesel engine?  Whether and how to bleed
(purge air from)  the fuel system will depend on exactly
which of these you may have.  It is not the same animal as
the big gas burner.  If it is a Diesel, and you have
replaced the fuel filter, you should have filled the new
filter with fuel before installing.  From there, any
bleeding or purging required may differ in process.  There
are several very knowledgeable posters here and an very good
Ford Diesel forum on the web.  Sorry, I don't immediately
have the URL for that.


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