Replace 2000 Ford V10 serpentine belt?

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Can someone please point me to a site that has instructions for replacing
the serpentine belt on my 2000 Ford 350 - V10 engine?



Re: Replace 2000 Ford V10 serpentine belt?

I am not able to point you to any specific site, but it's easy to replace
the belt -- crap being in the way notwithstanding.

There is an idler pulley/tensioner that is spring loaded. Use your 1/2"
breaker bar to pivot the tensioner out of the way, and remove the belt.
There is a square hole on the tensioner that will take the drive of the
breaker bar or ratchet handle. I like to use my breaker bar because the
longer handle improves the leverage.

Set the new belt so that the back (outside) of the belt rides on the smooth
pulleys and the inside of the belt rides on the grooved pulleys. My '97 F150
has a belt map on a sticker that is under the hood. When you have the belt
around all of the pulleys, use the breaker bar again to move the tensioner
so you can position the belt under it, then release the tensioner. The
spring will provide the proper tension, and no adjustment is needed.

This is an easy job that should be something that most people should be able
to handle.

As for stuff that might be in the way, the fan shroud comes to mind. I can
take my belt off without too much trouble, but fishing it out around the fan
is a bit of a pain.

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Re: Replace 2000 Ford V10 serpentine belt?

I had to loosen the idler pulley mounting bolts before I could get the
belt down behind it. On my 2000, the instructions a diagrams is on the
sheet metal above the radiator.

Tom J

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