2000 LeSabre hard start

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Hello. 3800 with 165xxx that is starting to give me fits when it is
wet out. The last few times when it is, or has been, raining, the car
turns and spits like it wants to start, but won't. It acts as if their
is water in the fuel. Each time I've put some Heet in the tank and
waited 20 minutes or so before trying again. It still sputters, but
with the pedal to the floor, it starts, smooths out, and runs fine.
Well, now we have the first snow of the year and guess what; no start.
I'm waitng for the heet to work it's magic while i type. I'm thinking
that the heet provides a hotter burn and therefore a better start. I
beleive I'm looking at plugs, wires, and a fuel filter as they are
plenty due. Is there a bigger issue that i need to look into? Thanks.

Re: 2000 LeSabre hard start

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Plugs and especially wires is probably the culprit.  It may be
something like the coils, but most wet weather issues you describe are

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