2003 monte carlo ss 3.8 stalling

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Car stalls sometimes while idling at stop light and just today stalled while
driving, but did not die. Ran rough for a couple
of seconds then cleared up, then ran fine for rest of 20 mile trip. Have
replaced fuel filter, fuel regulator, TPS, IAC Valve,
cleaned carbon build up in throttle body, cleaned MAF sensor. Tested fuel
presure with guage while running 47 -55psi
stalled with gauge attached and never lost pressure so its not the fuel pump.
When i connect the obd2 scan tool  live test
all looks good, no codes. Anybody got any ideas??
Been working on bow ties for 35 years this ones got me stumped.

Re: 2003 monte carlo ss 3.8 stalling
On Thu, 15 Nov 2012 23:08:01 +0000, Chevelle68ss

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Never had that problem with a 3.8.
Here's a couple no-code problems I've seen.  Might relate, might not.
These are OBD1 or the '95  bastard transition to ODB2
My '88 Celebrity 2.8 would die occasionally.  Total shutdown.  ECU
finally quit - no start - and a new one eliminated the problem.
Son just fixed his wife's Caddy. 4.9. Rough idle.  Don't know if it
stalled out.  Coolant temp sensor fixed it after he replaced some of
what you replaced.  He loves getting parts at boneyards.  Cheap.
When I got stumped like that, I replaced injectors - twice.  2.8 and
3.1.  Expensive, but worked both times.  But that was also noticeable
during acceleration.  Not saying that's your problem.
Good luck.

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