Need help with Idle Load Compensator - 89 Caprice

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I have an 89 Caprice Station Wagon.  It has the "Y" engine (307 Olds
engine).  For some reason the Idle Load Compensator is not working and
the engine is idling way too high.  I have turned the screw all the
way in on this device to get the endine slower, but it's still too
fast.  Using another vacuum source, I found the Idle Load Compensator
itself works.  There is no vacuum coming to the hose connected to it.

The other end of that hose goes to the "anti-diesel solenoid".  
(I found a vacuum hose diagram on  That solenoid has a
wire attached to it.  My question is what does this wire connect to?
I have not been able to locate a wiring diagram for this vehicle.
Apparently the power is not going to that solenoid for some reason.  I
am going to put my meter on it later and see if there is any voltage,
but it appears not.

Can anyone please help.


The Handyman

Re: Need help with Idle Load Compensator - 89 Caprice

The anti diesel soenoid is actually how the idle is adjusted, when the ign
is turned off the solenoid backs down to prevent the car from dieseling.
There is a base idle setting also on the carb. More details are available if
you look up a 1987 Olds Cutlass 307 on Autozone, same basic set up
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