Vortec 4200 (LL8) inline 6 dimensions?

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Can anyone tell me the dimensions (height, width, length) of this 4.2
liter inline-six?

I am considering using it in a project but I understand it is a bit
long. If I knew just how long (and high, wide I'm not so concerned
about) it would help.

Many thanks,


Re: Vortec 4200 (LL8) inline 6 dimensions?

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    Chuck, just in case it's too long, and you desire a multi-port
fuel-injected engine with similar displacement and lotsa power, GM made a
little-known-about 4.3 liter v-8 which is significantly shorter than the
4200 inline-six.
    It came in the full-sized Impala/Caprice, about 94-96, and like the
4200, was a TPI: tuned port injection--NOT a TBI:  throttle body injection.
The engine looked almost identical to the 5.7 TPI in the 94-96(& possibly
other years) 'Vette, Z-28, Trans Am, and Impala/Caprice.  Should make a
super project engine with small displacement, good power and super fuel
economy--even approaching 30mpg/highway.  Wiring retrofit should be as easy
or easier than the less-experimented-with 4200.
    HTH & good luck.  And don't let anyone make you believe this is a
misprint!!!  Keep in mind that if you need more power, the 5.7 TPI will have
almost exactly the same outside dimensions as the 4.3 TPI and easily up
to/above 300 hp.  Plus, either of these v-8's should deliver better economy
than the 4200.    sdlomi2

Re: Vortec 4200 (LL8) inline 6 dimensions?

Yes, that is also known as the "Baby LT1"

My stealership owning friend has had a few from cop car auctions.
Single exhaust pipe, unlike the 5.7L versions, is theonly hint, if

Dimensionally, the 4.3L and 5.7L are the same.  If you just want a 4.3L
for uniqueness, y all means, go for it.

Oh yeah Chuck, if you didn't know, the 4.2L I6 is made for the rfont
axle in the 4x4s to go through the oil pan.  That has to make for a
tall engine.

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