2004 hyundai sonata rear defogger relay

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 Trying to replace rear window defogger relay. Can access panel on drivers side
but can't figure how to remove relay. N0 power to rear window and indicator
light and heated mirrors.

Re: 2004 hyundai sonata rear defogger relay
I've never had to replace this relay, but I presume it's with the power loc
k relays I've replaced several times.  If that's the case, you may be able  
to go through the switch panel and grab it with bent needlenose pliers.  Ot
herwise, you may need to take the left lower dash panel off to access bette

On a related note, have you checked the 30A rear defogger fuse in the under
hood relay box.  That's a much more frequent source of the issue.

Re: 2004 hyundai sonata rear defogger relay
replying to hyundaitech , yenoocpb wrote:
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-- Yes , the 30 amp fuse as well as the 10 amp fuse for the heated mirrors is
good. The rear defogger relay is on same mounting as lock  relay. Relay clicks ,
but no power through it, so was looking for information on moving, or dropping
mounting for fuse panel, relay.

thanks for reply