Effect of Calculated Load Value on fuel consumption

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Fuel consumption of my elantra is very high.
When i checked the injector pulse width with an oscilloscope, it shows
values around 4 - 6.5 ms when engine is idle. Since these values are
too high, i did a scan of the engine parameters while its is idling. I
did a similar scan for a different elantra car as well.
When these values were compared, all parameter values had similar
values except the Calculate Load Value (CLV), which is 4-6% in my car
and around 45-55% for the other car. (this other car does not have any
What would cause CLV to drop this much?
Could this difference explain the high fuel consumption?


Re: Effect of Calculated Load Value on fuel consumption

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Less load equals less fuel-- so lower load values won't cause
excessive fuel consumption.

Additionally, 50% load idling in neutral or park is way too high.  The
other car has the problem with this value, not yours.

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