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I have a new 2013 Elantra GLS Limited with the built-in navigation system
created by a company called MapnSoft.  I have used Garmin GPS' in the past
and have found the one in the Elantra to be somewhat inferior (less streets,
2D display only and a cost of about $200 to update).  The guidance lady
hasn't let me down yet, but I really wish Hyundai had used Garmin software
instead of the MapnSoft which they used.  Any opinions from anyone with this



Re: Navigation System 2013 Elantra GLS

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I have the same system in my Sonata.  It works, but . . ..  It does
lack some of the features of my Garmin as you point out.  I've not
priced upgrades to the maps, but chances are, I'll never do it unless
I get lost sometime.  Amazing that they can charge $200 for an upgrade
while Garmin sells complete units with lifetime maps for just over
half of that.  

I do like the larger screen and the lane assist seems to work well.
With BlueLink, I'm able to send destination addresses to it from my
computer, a nice feature.  So far, I've taken a 1000 mile trip and
this weekend a 450 mile trip and it functioned well.  There was one
address though, that I was not able to enter.  It did not recognize S.
Route 5 in Norwich, VT.  Not a big deal, I just used dead reckoning
like the old days.    

I do get annoyed at the screen splash with the warning not to enter
information while driving and you have to "agree" every time you start
he car and want to use navigation.  With voice commands, you don't
have to push buttons anyway.  

Oh, you can get more streets to display by changing the distance on
the view level.  Go up one or two from the default.  

I do like the idea of having multiple address books.  I have one
designated for each of planned trips.  I'm already putting some in for
our Yellowstone trip next spring.  Separating them you don't have a
lot of clutter to wade through or having 12 Holiday Inns in different
locations listed together.  

Re: Navigation System 2013 Elantra GLS
On 11/05/12 22:26, Ed Pawlowski wrote:
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That must be a problem with the maps, my Magellan does the same thing,
but if you enter it as Main St. or Church St. it works OK. Funny thing
is it tell you to "Keep straight on Route 5", go figure that.
I was going to Carpenter & Main, so did not got to Church St. at all.

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Re: Navigation System 2013 Elantra GLS
I do like the Garmin systems I've seen in other cars.  But after using the
one in my Azera, I recognize many features that are better than my Garmin
portable unit.  Examples: the mute is on the top page so I don't need to
keep going into settings to shut turn her on and off; the address book has
more features and is easier, IMHO, than Garmin's.  The feature I miss most
in the Garmin is the speed limit display. At this point, after 2400 miles,
it's a tie in my eyes.

Before Garmin was offering free map update, I only had a need to update my
maps after 4 or 5 years so that $200 figure costs me about $45 a year +/-

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Re: Navigation System 2013 Elantra GLS
On Fri, 16 Nov 2012 19:39:04 -0500, "Charles"

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Only partly agree.  I've had a GPS for maybe 5 years now.  I go for
weeks not using it because I know my way around the area well enough
not to need it most time.  When I do though, it works very well. As
Arthur points out though, it is not perfect

Immature?  Not so sure.  In seconds it can figure out where you are
and how to get to 99.99% of the places you ask it to take you.  Is it
the best route?  Not always, but "best" is subject to opinion.  The
units built into cars (any make) are grossly overpriced compared to a
$129 Garmin.  What id does, how it does it, and how fast is a
technological marvel.  

I still use paper maps to get an idea of where I will be going, routes
I'd prefer to take and to get a general feel of the trip.  Last two
trips I took, it was not even turned on for the first half of the trip
because my preference were not the GPS preferences.

I also have the Europe maps and I will not go to Europe without it. It
was a huge help there, especially where street signs are scant, hard
to find if they do exist and have names like Via Dongiovonni DiBologna
et Rigatoni SulArno Malpensa Guiseppe al Forno.  Much easier to follow
the arrow on the screen.  

Right now, I'm sitting at home typing on a computer, but my GPS is on
the Amalfi Coast guiding a friend around the region.  

Re: Navigation System 2013 Elantra GLS

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IMO the biggest problem with GPS databases is out-of- date POIąs.  I
canąt tell you how many times my Garmin has led me to a long ago closed
restaurant or store.  And I do get the lifetime updates.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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