radio fuse?

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ok today i was putting the cd player in my 2001 hyundai accent all was well
until it came time to shove everything back into my dash. lo and behold
something grounded out and im guessing killed the fuse. ( the door dinger also
guit at this time ) so the answer should be simple right replace the fuse ...
the problem is i cant find the fuse on my car. in the panal on the driver side
inside panal there are 18 different slots for fuses however none of these state
anthing about the radio or door. if anyone can please help it would be
appriciated. thanks oh btw relating to my previous post.... i ended up with 2
bent valves so instead of going threw buying piece by piece we ended up swaping
out the head with one from a smashed 2003 accent. and so far so good it runs now
if i can just get the cd player working again i think ill be good to go unless
they find a problem when its inspected and emission tested. thanks again all


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Re: radio fuse?

Pull them out one at a time and check them

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Re: radio fuse?

One of them should be labelled "room."  Check that fuse first.