Jeep Grand cherokee "replacing a Body Control Module"?

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Hi, Here is the prolbem with my Jeep Grand cherokee Laredo 2000:
1. the Dashboard does not work
2. my windows does not work
3. When driving, the jeep will sometimes shut off in between the range of
5mph-50mph; When this happens the brakes are hard to push down,and the
steering wheel locks up, making it hard to turn.

To make things more wierd; during the winter the car drive fine, even tho
the dashboard and windows does not work.  However, when the weather starts
to get warm around (50-70 F) the dashboard starts to flinker off in on, and
then the car started to shut down again while driving.  

When i took it to a jeep dealer to look at, they did a diagonstics and
found nothing.  They recomends that i replace the body control module,
(cost $750).

Is the price to replace a body control module correct? and do these
symptoms lead to a bad body control module, since the jeep dealer only
recomends, instead of saying "you have to replace this"?

Re: Jeep Grand cherokee "replacing a Body Control Module"?
That just screams dead body ground to me.  When the cable from the
battery to the body goes bad, the vehicle can steal grounds through
other paths.  This makes for shaky connections and stalls.

I would be using a battery booster cable and run it from the battery
negative to a solid metal part of the body to see what happens.

A bunch of the computer ground tags are usually bolted onto the engine
block near the dipstick.

I don't know where the main ground is on a GC, but it could be a mesh
cable jumping the engine mount or be right from the battery.

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