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Can someone tell me how to remove the front interior door panel from
the passenger side door?  i have all the fasteners removed, except one
I imagine.  There must be one i am missing or cant see.  Typically on
other door panels that i have removed once all fasteners are removed
the panel can be pulled out then up off of the door.  I tried this
method but there still seems to be a fastener somewhere in the middle
of the door, around the front of the door pull handle, but i cant seem
to find it.

Here is all the hardware so far removed/loosened:
1 Interior door open handle pull screw removed.
3 push spread fasteners removed.
2 lower philips head pan head screws removed.
1 large philips head rear door pull handle screw removed.
Many push type fasteners located on interior of door panel loosened.


Re: how to remove interior door panel -- Rx300

fish wrote:
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I would think there would be a screw at BOTH ends of the door handle.

Re: how to remove interior door panel -- Rx300

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You don't have to remove the door release lever, just the trim around it.
Look for a screw behind the lever, if there is no screw holding the trim
piece, carefully pry it off.
Ray O
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Re: how to remove interior door panel -- Rx300

Thanks for reply, i just couldnt pry it off myself.  maybe i was
prying in the wrong area.  like for example if i had pryed on the
other end of the window control unit, the end closest to the rear of
the vehicle, it would have busted the unit to smitherines.

but i hear you, i didnt splain myself well.  i tried prying the trim
around the handle, but i just couldnt budge it, and it seemed like i
was going to damage it if i continued.  and i did put a nice dent in
the door panel trim while prying, but luckily this hasnt been noticed
yet, but i rubbed it out a little, and it helped.


On Sun, 22 May 2005 21:21:35 -0500, "Ray O"

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