Low Mileage Tires: Toyo (cracking)

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I have a very low mileage (50000 Km.) 2001 Nissan Maxima with Toyo
tires.  I had the car in for an oil change and the service technician
told me I need *new* tires. Apparently there is cracking on the tire
from age.  Should tires be changed every 5 years regardless of the
tread wear? Should I replace with new Toyo or Bridgestone  tires?


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I have been doing some research into replacing my OEM Goodyear RSA tires
seven years old on my 98 Maxima SE. I also have very low milage 12000
miles. I have read that  tire compounds age by the materials crosslinking
with service heat this causes harding of the tire materials. The experts
say 10 years is the longest any tire should be used and five years is a
good time to replace any tire also other factors are where tire has spent
it's service life like outside in direct sunlight and speed the tire has
been driven and the temperatures the tire obtained when being driven. One
expert said everytime a tire is driven it ages some. Anyway I am going to
replace the Goodyears with Bridgestone Potenza tires in class H. I found
this Web site to do some compairing and the Bridgestone Potenza looks
very good. I also already have a set of Bridgestone Dueler H/L tires on
my 82 Bronco and they have been a really good year round choice.

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From January 2004 Consumer Reports:

"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is being asked to
require tire makers to provide expiration dates. Strategic Safety LLC, a
safety research firm, submitted comments to NHTSA in September 2003,
saying it has identified 20 cases in which tires six or more years old
failed, resulting in nine deaths.

Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen recommend replacing tires after six years,
regardless of tread wear. The British Rubber Manufacturers=3F Association
said in June 2001 that unused tires more than 6 years old should not be
used and that a tire should be replaced 10 years after manufacture.
Roadside checks led the U.K.-based Tyre Industry Council to warn that
tires can dry with age, leading to tread separation."

Re: Low Mileage Tires: Toyo (cracking)

If you haven't priced Toyo tires, you're in for a shock.  Go with
Bridgestone between the two.

Some cracking is normal, I've been told.  Depends on ozone in the air
as much as anything.  If the cracking is on the sidewalls, get
professional advice from a real tire guy asap.

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Toyo Proxes 4's for my 2000 SE were ~$120/tire.


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I bought two 2000 Maximas in 2000.  The first had Goodyears that
lasted about 14,000 miles before they wore out.  The 2nd, mine, had
Toyo tires that lasted me about 18,000 miles before I replaced them.

My first replacement was Yokohamas.  They lasted aboiut 26,000.  My
second replacement was Michilen XGT-4's.  They lasted 57,000 miles.  I
just put another set of XGT-4's on mine at 95,000 miles and they are

The first Maxima, my wifes care, got Michelins on the first
replacement.  They, too, lasted 55,000 miles.  So, I put another set
on hers, too.

Spend the bucks and get your moneys worth.  I paid about $110 per

Chuck in Dallas

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Re: Low Mileage Tires: Toyo (cracking)

The Toyos on my 2k Max lasted 52,000 miles.  What kind of driving are you

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