signs of air intake leak??

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i have a 99 max GLE with 85k.  just about 30 minutes ago I finished
installing a K&N cone filter to my intake system using the "ghetto" method
of using parts from inside the airbox to rig the filter onto the adaptor.
Instructions from the DIY page on the org said to seal the edges with tape
to prevent air leakage.  I did the best that I could, but am still weary of
an air leak.  Any telltale signs of an air leak?

o yea, the car sounds great, nice and throaty from 3k and on.. not ricey
at all.

Re: signs of air intake leak??
Was that a difficult installation??  Keep the group informed -- I would be
interested to see if you realize an improvement in gas mileage.
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Re: signs of air intake leak??
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He's unlikely to see much improvement, if any.  The cone will give him 5-7
extra horsies though.

Bill G
'91 SE Auto
167,884 miles

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method adaptor. tape
Re: signs of air intake leak??
I haven't really noticed any changes in the fuel economy.  I've been
stepping on it til 5.5k for so much just enjoying it that I've burned a
lot.  With an intake your fuel economy gets worse.  As for performance,
not really a huge gain, but a gain nonetheless.  I felt my car just
wanting to rev higher.  

Installation wise, there were a few bumps here n there, but I improvised.

(1) taking out the clip on the MAF sensor, there is a little green tab
that actually has an arrow pointing inwards.  Push the green tab adn pull,
the MAF sensor comes right out.
(2)  I used the gold plate that is attached to the top of the stock airbox
to attach to the cone filter and then the intake tubing on the car itself.
There are two nubs holding it in.  Get a flathead and a hammer and try to
hammer it out.  You will crack your airbox a bit, but then you really
won't want it back afterwards.

but going back to my original question.  Does anyone know obvious signs of
air leakage? shoudl I be getting a CEL by now?

Re: signs of air intake leak??
As long as the air leak is on the filter side of the mass airflow sensor
you are good to go.  I would make sure that there are no leaks just to
keep unfiltered air out.  On the other side of the mass airflow sensor
you could have problems since it is where the air gets metered.  If
there is a leak between the mass airflow sensor and the throttle body
the car will not run correctly.  It would llde fine but as soon as you
are on the gas the car would stumble due to the un-metered air entering
the system.  I ahve seen older fuel injected cars with cracked hoses
that have problems but you should be fine if you just raplaced the stock
filter housing with a cone type.  Again, I would make sure there are no
paths for dirt to enter the system.  The old way was to spray, lightly,
carburetor cleaner around the point of concern, while the engine is
running, and see if the RPMs pick up.  I would go lightly with this and
have someone wiht a fire extinguisher at the ready.  Also, note that you
will be spraying close to the new filter and if the spray gets to the
filter the RPMs would pickup and that would deceive you.

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