2000 Gran Prix Climate Control

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My vehicle has a dual control climate control system and the conditioned air
that is emitted from the driver's vents is substantially warmer than that
out of the passenger vents when both controls are set for the same
temperature in dual mode or when set by the driver's control in non-dual

The air-mix control door motor on the driver's side appears to be rotating
through it's full range as the temperature setting is moved from the low to
the high extreme positions. (This being observed by watching the rotation of
the motor shaft moving between the two extreme index markings)

Does this system use two expansion valves whereby the two separate
evaporators may be operating at different temperatures?

The system worked properly prior to a failure of the a/c compressor but has
displayed the problem described above ever since the new compressor unit was
installed.  I have also noticed the outside temperature indicator
intermittently shows a much lower reading than the real outside temperature.
However, the problem described above exists when the outside temp reading is
at/near the correct outside temperature.

Any suggestions you have on isolating this problem will be greatly

Ray Hardy

Re: 2000 Gran Prix Climate Control

@comcast.net says...
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No. It just blends air from the heater core and the evap in the air box
for one side or the other.

The temp blend doors are controled by solid state motors which from what
I recall are attatched to the doors with bent threaded rods with plastic
threaded connectors. Its possible one slipped or stripped and isnt
pushing the door all the way.

They may have damaged the wire for the outside temp sensor when
installing the compressor. Its located near the air damn usually.

Re: 2000 Gran Prix Climate Control

Thanks for the info Bon'ne'ville.  I will remove the driver side motor and
manually move the blend door to see if that's the problem.  I'll also check
the wiring to the outside temp sensor.


Re: 2000 Gran Prix Climate Control

    I need to find that sensor, too.  I was expecting it to be somewhere
on/in the cowl.
    My GTP reads "random" exterior air temps most of the time... it works
about 10% of the time.

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