2000 Pontiac Sunfire overheating

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I have been having a lot of problems with my car overheating. A couple
years back I had the coolant reservoir replaced due to leakage.. but
it was still leaking or something. I donít really know much about
cars, so I took my car in and told them that I was running out of
coolant really fast. They ran a diagnostic and said they fixed
whatever was wrong.. about a month later my indicator light came on
that said I was low on coolant again. Every time I refill it the
temperature stays where itís supposed to be for a good 2-3 weeks then
starts heating up into the red again and says Iím low on coolant. The
most previous time that I refilled my coolant completely my car
continued to heat all the way up the the 260 degree mark then it drops
after I drive for a minute. Today I was driving home from work and it
went all the way up to 260 degrees then dropped back down to 100 and
started smoking. I was around the corner from my house so I parked at
home but now I am scared to drive my car even to a repair place. Not
just because Iím afraid of it overheating but Iím worried Iíll take it
to another place where they wonít fix the problem. Does anyone know
what might be wrong with my car so I can be more specific next time I
take it in???

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Re: 2000 Pontiac Sunfire overheating

quite possible that your thermostat is sticking at the moment, as for the
leak, have a compression test done on your cooling system, it should find
the leak for you

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