Saab 93 SE Convertible 5th bow cylinder leaking

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Hi,  I have a 2000 Saab 93 SE convertible and the driver side 5th bow
cylinder is leaking badly.  I  have already replaced it with one i
purchased from a savage yard.  When I got the one from the salvage yard
I check to see if there where any fluid leaks in the trunk, under the
back seat and the drain cover but there was none.

I connected the cylinder and used a teflon coating like the dealer
recommended but the leak continues.  My questions are:

1) Is there a way to see the leaking while the motor is operating?  I
would like to check if the hose itself is leaking.
2) Should i risk buying the $500 new cylinder, I affraid that it may
fail too.  I thinking maybe something is causing them to fail.
3) Is the any other fluid I can use the oil is $35 a bottle!

Re: Saab 93 SE Convertible 5th bow cylinder leaking


Well, you can check the cylinder when the motor is running and the 5th bow
and tonneau cover is in the opened position. Sweating of the cylinder is
normal, that means that there is film of oil on the piston. Drops are
however not normal and means the cylinder is leaking.

A new cylinder would possibly help your situation, since there was a change
done to the cylinders to eliminate leaking. This was done in 2001-2002.

Check also the kinematics and the axles of the cylinder and check that the
cylinder and hoses have enough freedom of motion. Most of the leak cases
occur because of transversal forces acting on the cylinder and piston.

The hoses very seldom leaks when propoerly assembled.

Its recommended to use the same oil. You can get it from another store, for
instance Ferrari is using the same oil and I think in some cases it is
cheaper than at the Saab dealer!

Hope it helps.

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Re: Saab 93 SE Convertible 5th bow cylinder leaking


I used your advice, I had my son sit in the drivers seat and raise and
lower the 5th bow.  I immediatly saw the leak.  It was a pin hole in
the hose.
the fluid was leaking down and under the car forming a pool of liquid
near the front. (how odd).  I later deteremined why because my driveway
is on a sharp incline.
I could not find a way to replace the hose so cut it, placed a small
metal breakline connector then clamp both ends to it.

I check and check and the leaking has stopped.

Thanks for the info on the oil but I don't live near any Ferrari
dealers.  So I purchased from GM it is the same oil for the SSR $29
still cheaper than SAAB.

Also, if anyone is interested I have 4 remaining hydraulic cylinders
remaining and I will gladly sell them cheap.

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