1995 Saturn SL1 Turn Signal / Hazard Flasher

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1995 Saturn SL1 Turn Signal / Hazard Flasher

Car: 1995 Saturn SL1 SOHC.

Symptom: Left Turn Signal flashes/clicks at double frequency, back Left
turn lamp not lighting, front Left turn lamp lighting/flashing at double
frequency. When first noticed, trouble happened intermittently.

My troubleshooting: Left turn bulb (#2056) is fine, will light on Right
side when exchanged. Continuity on Left socket is fine (0 Ohms). I
suspect the Turn Signal / Hazard Flasher unit. The unit is located on
the back side (inside) of the Instrument Panel Junction Block. I did
unplug it, and cleaned contacts. Unit label is: Omron Dualtec
(manufacturer), 2/4 Lamp Combination Flasher, (p/n?) #9442893, (manuf
#?) A4217.

Is this just a case of replacing the Turn Signal / Hazard Flasher Unit,
or in people’s experience do you suggest I also consider something else?

Thanks very much for your assistance, much appreciated.
Cheers, Roger

Re: 1995 Saturn SL1 Turn Signal / Hazard Flasher
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No. If the problem were the flasher unit, you'd see the trouble on both sides,
not just the left. Trouble on only one side means a problem on only one side.

I think most likely, you have a bad connection going to the left rear socket;
first thing to check is to verify that you have 12V on the correct pin in that
socket -- I'll bet you don't. If you have 0V, look for a broken wire; if
somewhere between 0V and 12V, open all connector blocks in the circuit and
inspect for dirt and/or corrosion.

If that tests good, verify that the left rear socket is properly grounded;
repair as needed.

If that still doesn't uncover the problem, pull the left *front* turn signal
bulb and inspect it: sometimes, when one filament in a dual-filament bulb
fails, the grounded end of the broken filament falls somewhere in the middle
of the good filament -- and produces *peculiar* symptoms in the rest of the

        Doug Miller (alphageek-at-milmac-dot-com)

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Re: 1995 Saturn SL1 Turn Signal / Hazard Flasher
Doug Miller wrote:
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Hi Folks Thanks Doug for your reply and advice, much appreciated.

You were right.... I did not require a new flasher unit. I did have 12V
on the terminal though. The ground was good also. I did remove all 4
bulbs front + rear and cleaned the contacts on all bulbs and sockets. It
seemed that the rear left socket did not seat the bulb well.... the
spring on the terminal did not make a good contact. I cleaned that up
and the contact seats well with the bulb now. And presto.... the 4 way
flasher and both left & right signals are working well now. Yep... a
simple, subtle thing.... I was frustrated but am happy now that this at
least is resolved.

Now I've got to still fix my back up light problem. I'll hopefully get
some time this weekend to use the suggestions Bob made.

Thanks & Cheers, Everyone.

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