Alarm on 1997 Legacy Outback: Can I remove it?

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Have a 1997 Legacy Outback wagon with (AFAIK) factory installed alarm
and keyless entry system.  Unfortunately the alarm system has lost
it's mind somewhat.  A few times a month the alarm goes off for no
reason.  The dealership has taken a few wacks at it and we have tried
just using the keys manually but it seems to make no difference.  My
wife now refuses to drive the car.

So, I have had enough and would like to remove the alarm system
entirely even if we lose the keyless entry in the process.  But when I
asked the dealership they said it is not possible.  It is tied into so
many systems that would no longer work.  WTH?  Could this be true?

Thanks.  Any input/advice appreciated.

Re: Alarm on 1997 Legacy Outback: Can I remove it?

Hi Franklin!

On Thu, 3 Dec 2009 07:49:34 -0800 (PST), ""

Quoted text here. Click to load it
I found some info on the security/immobilizer system for a '97-'98
Impreza, which includes instructions for diagnostics, and for
programming the remote. Probably about the same as the Legacy, knowing

Alas, it's buried deep within a 170MB pdf file; impossible to email,
and I don't have anywhere to put it where you can snag via FTP.

If you think it might be helpful, I can probably go thru and do screen
captures of the appropriate pages and email those. Let me know.

ByeBye! S.
Steve Jernigan KG0MB
Laboratory Manager
Microelectronics Research
University of Colorado
(719) 262-3101

Re: Alarm on 1997 Legacy Outback: Can I remove it?

Thanks everyone for the responses!

I contacted Subaru of America with my problem (other remotes activate
the panic alarm on my Outback) and they emailed instructions on
reprogramming the remotes (see below) and I am happy to report that has
solved my problem ... at least with my co-workers remote.  I realize
this is no guarantee that it will NEVER go off again.  But it is good to
know what was causing the problem and steps to take to solve it.

Thanks again everyone.

Here are the instructions on how to program your remote (for factory
alarm in 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon.  YMMV.):

1. Open the driver's door.
2. Turn the vehicle ignition to the 'ON' position.
3. Press and hold the Programming button in. (The Programming button is
located under the driver's side dash beneath the diagnostic connector.)
After approximately 15 seconds, the door locks will cycle 3 times *.
This indicates that the system is in the Transmitter Programming Mode.
4. Press the 'LOCK' button on the new transmitter. The door locks will
cycle once *.
5. Exit the Transmitter Program Mode by releasing the Programming button
and turning the vehicle ignition off. Test all remote transmitters to
ensure that they work properly.

* PLEASE NOTE!  The alarm also did a long chirp with each lock cycle for
me.  I did not expect this so it did scare me a little when it happened.

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