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Re: jerking and hesitation at low acceleration

Carl 1 Lucky Texan wrote:
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Well, here's the final report on the repairs. I got into more detail
with the service manager at the dealership. I told him that I recall
that the throttle position sensor had been replaced once before not too
many years ago (about 2-4 years ago maybe), and he confirmed that. But
he went into more detail about the problem, and said that this time it
wasn't simply a throttle position sensor, but the whole throttle was
sticking. The reason the throttle started working normally again the
week after the initial investigation was because they said they had
lubricated the throttle a bit during the inspection and it may have
started working normally again as a result of that, but they didn't
expect it to last. So it wasn't just a throttle position sensor, it was
the throttle itself, according to them. I got a new throttle position
sensor once again, as a result of the fact that the whole unit comes
with a new sensor on it.

It's been a long hard winter this past year, and car had stayed outside,
so I get the feeling a lot of stuff has gotten stuck and creaky as a

    Yousuf Khan

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