replacing/fixing ignition switch on 95 subaru legacy

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The ignition switch on my 1995 Subaru Legacy looks like it is
(finally) failing, after 180,000 miles on the vehicle. The lock sticks
and it takes quite a bit of working the key around to finally get it
to turn to start the car.

The car just got back from the shop (air conditioner fix) so I don't
want to bring it back in again so soon--if possible, I'd like to
replace this myself. I found a replacement part on Ebay (http:// and I'm wondering

(1) if I need to buy the whole assembly as shown in the Ebay photo or
do I just need a lock "column" of some sort;

(2) how difficult it would be for me to do this myself. I'm handy with
tools. But do I need to go through the airbag? If so, sounds like it
might potentially be dangerous.

Thanks for any info.

Re: replacing/fixing ignition switch on 95 subaru legacy wrote:

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  DISCONNECT THE BATTERY and WAIT 10 MINUTES. You probably have to pull
the steering wheel, I did on my 81, and I suspect the same is true of my

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