2002 Sienna stalls when engine is cold

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I have a 2002 Sienna. It runs great until recently. When the engine is cold,
I need to pump the gas pedal and turn the key to start the engine. After the
engine is ignited, I release both the key from START position and the gas
pedal, then the idle drops to zero quickly and the engine stops.

The only way to start the engine is to turn the key to START, crank the
engine, press on the gas pedal to maintain the idle speed (above 1000 rpm)
to keep the engine running, release the key, until the temperature climbs
up. At this point the idle speed is back to normal (about 750 rpm in neutral
after releasing the gas pedal) and the engine won't stop.

What is causing this problem and how can it be fixed.



Re: 2002 Sienna stalls when engine is cold

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I sounds like the engine is not getting cold start enrichment.  I'd check
the idle air control valve and ask qslm for his opinion ;-)

Ray O
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Re: 2002 Sienna stalls when engine is cold

I've seen a handful of 02 siennas with idle air control valve problems.
When the engine in cold the valve needs to open more as the engine needs
more air during this period. If the valve is unable to go through its full
range of motion and open completely then the engine will stall.
  Another thing that I have seen plenty of (still relating to the IAC) is
squirrell or mouse nests in the air box. Lots of times these guys will
store seeds and the like in there and debris will make its way down the
intake tube and block the IAC valve.

Re: 2002 Sienna stalls when engine is cold

After having a mouse nest in my air cleaner box, I made a screen out of
1/4 inch hardware cloth to cover the intake port.

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