Cruise control button pops out of stalk. Camry, Corolla, etc.

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The cruise control button on our 2007 Camry recently popped out of the
end of the stalk. Searching online, I found that there were many
instances of this problem, not only on the Camry but on other Toyotas as

When it pops out, the little copper piece that makes and breaks the
connection with the contacts on the stalk will likely fall out of the
button. Reinserting this copper piece, with the proper orientation, and
carefully snapping the button back in, while pressing down on the
contacts with a jeweler's flat blade screwdriver (so they slide in
rather than being bent back) fixed the problem, for now. saved me the
$78 cost of a new stalk with a new switch.

Re: Cruise control button pops out of stalk. Camry, Corolla, etc.
replying to sms88 , alan wrote:
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[::The same happened to my Camry 2007 recently. In Canada the dealer said its
$165 for a new switch and $100 + to install
The problem with the 3 prong copper terminal that may or not fall out is that 9
out of 10 times you will damage it when inserting back
On the Camry there is a small screw on the underside of the switch remove this
and pop out the cover plate you now can see inside the switch. Push the button
back in now with the copper terminal in place then replace the cover plate and
secure with screw.
I totally bent the copper terminal and broke of one of the contacts thereby
rendering it useless BUT I made a completely new contact
with 1/2" brass shim stock and it works great - so saving nearly $300.:]

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