Trans Fluid Change 2003 Avalon

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I am thinking about changing the auto transmission fluid in my 2003 Toyota
Avalon.  I am aware that a typical change does not allow fuid to drain from
the tork converter but is there anything else that I should be aware?  About
how many pints/quarter of fluid will drained from the transmission?  Is
there a filter that I should change?  Do I have to remove the pan to change?
The Avalon has 51000 miles on it.  The fluid does have a other than normal
smell to it and a Toyota dealership said that it should be "flushed".

Jim Pettway

Re: Trans Fluid Change 2003 Avalon

Jim Pettway wrote:
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No filter, just a screen that I would not worry about cleaning unless
you have noticed some unusual problems with your transmission. I'm
almost certain that you can use a fourteen millimeter wrench, remove the
transmission drain bolt, you do not have to remove the pan. Drain the
fluid out, and refill with the appropriate fluid. The type and quantity
is in your owners manual. It's usually about three or four quarts and
the type is stamped on the dipstick.

Re: Trans Fluid Change 2003 Avalon

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With that mileage, 51K, it should still be clean enough so that flushing
wouldn't stir up problems.  If it were 100K or more and never flushed
before, I think it's too late to flush it.    Flushing will replace all the
fluid, and if it smells strange now, it may be burnt, and should all come
out and be replaced.   How much does the Toy dealer want for a flush?   At
an independent transmission shop, it may run $90-110.

Re: Trans Fluid Change 2003 Avalon

Your dealer is correct.  The best way to service a good tranny is by using a
flushing machine.


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