125K mile servicing

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I own a 1997 Toyota Camry and it has run close to 125000 miles now. I
would like to know what  kind of servicing/maintainence is required for
the car now. I bought this car for $7000 and would like to know if the
125000 mile service would be expensive and how much it would cost me.
The vehicle is running fine for me but if I need to spend a sizable
amount on this I would prefer to sell the car.

Also my volume knob on the radio/stereo is broken. Is it replacable.
One of my mechanics said I need to replace the entire stereo unit while
another guy told me that he could go to the junkyard and just replace
the knob. Not sure who is telling the right thing.

Any advises.


Re: 125K mile servicing

Get your self a manual and follow it,  I see you are one of those people
that think gas is the only thing cars need on a regular basis and are to
lazy to learn and read a manual.  

Re: 125K mile servicing

Dunno about the volume know...

But no one is gonna be able to advise you on service without knowing the
history of the car.  What major services have been done?  When?  What

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Re: 125K mile servicing

Why can't you get just a knob for the stereo? I'd stay away from the
first mechanic.

If you haven't done the timing belt, water pump, oil seals, plugs
routine (for 90K miles), you are looking at an additional $1000 or so
on top of the regular maintenance. Otherwise you should be looking at
no more than $300 for a routine 30K-multiple "major maintenance". But
you have to look for coupons in the mail.

Most of us here do our own work. No more than $50 of parts for 120K.
Add about $200+ if you need a timing kit, valve cover gasket, water
pump, drive belts, and oil seals.

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Re: 125K mile servicing

Toyota sells the knob for most models of the radio.  If not - contact me off
newsgroup as I have several questionable OEM radios with good knobs. (remove
obvious for email) - model and picture would help.  I'd just get all the
fluids changed (oil, trans, differential, radiator, brake, power steering).
If it has never had the timing belt changed - its time for that ($200).
Plus perhaps plugs, plug wires, distributer cap and drive belt.

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