1999 camry light replacement

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The interior "back" illumination for the heater/ac/defroster section
of the dash is out.
This is the section of the dash that dips down below the radio.
How do I access the bulb(s) that are involved?
I am assuming that this is a bulb issue(?)

Re: 1999 camry light replacement

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Before you assume too much, check all the fuses just to be sure.   It may be
a bulb
issue, but if you dont have a manual with circuit diagrams, start by
checking the
easiest things first.

Does your rear defroster work, even though the indicator is not illuminated?

Re: 1999 camry light replacement
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Yes it is a bulb issue. I had the same problem in my 2000 Camry LE.
Its actually quite easy. First, take off (very gently) the selection
knobs (fan speed, temp, air source). That is probably your hardest
step. Then, behind the knobs are small screws. Remove them. Then take
the bezel off that fits around the climate control unit/stereo which
holds the cigarette lighter and ash tray. Finally, unclip the face of
the unit off of the base.

Once open. There are two tiny bulbs inside covered covered with a
green light diffuser. remove the bulbs by pulling straight out and
remove the covers. Reverse the steps with new bulbs.

I did this a few years ago...so I can't remember exactly but I think
those are all the steps. Hope this helps!

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