2003 camry check engine light

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my check engine light just came on (about 45K miles) and I was
wondering if the check engine light will come on when its time to do a
regular maintenance (my honda civic does that, its check engine light
is based on milage). If this is the case they will just reset it when I
take it to the dealer for a oil change (due anyway) correct?



Re: 2003 camry check engine light

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No, on the 2003 the CEL only lights up when the computer detects a problem. You
can pull the diagnostic codes yourself with a relatively inexpensive OBDII
scanner (or many auto parts places will pull the codes for your for free, in the
hopes you'll buy the repair parts from them).  Or you can have your friendly
neighborhood trusted mechanic pull the code and fix the problem for ya.

Starting in 2004, the Camrys have an annoying "Maintenance Required" light that
lights every 5000 miles, but that's separate from the CEL.

Re: 2003 camry check engine light

Andy Hill wrote:
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if after telling you that there is no notieable changes to performance
to the vehicle any ideas as to what it might be off the top of your

Re: 2003 camry check engine light

runsrealfast wrote:
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Based on absolutely nothing substantive, I would check to make sure the
gas cap is on properly.  Failure to do so has been known to cause CEL to

Did it happen not long after you added fuel at a gas station ?

Re: 2003 camry check engine light

Justa Lurker wrote:

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Well I gas up all the time, unfortunatly, and I can't remember. But i
was wondering with that possiblity that maybe the computer can be reset
by undoing the negative cable on the battery? Then if the light comes
on again then I know I need to take it in. My wife could have not put
it on right while being in a hurry one time (she has two screaming kids
in the back seat). I am really suspect to this being nothing other than
computer error, b/c we just bought the car in March and it was a
certified used car (not that it means much) but the guy showed me the
records that they had on maintinance for the car (told him I liked to
do my own maintinance for what I could). If they ran in tests and spoke
with the computer on the car something would have shown up then I
think. But who knows if I reset the computer and the light comes back
on I guess I will have to just take it in.

Another question: Does anyone know if any possible CEL are covered
under the warrenty?

Re: 2003 camry check engine light

runsrealfast wrote:
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As mentioned, remove the gas cap and then tighten it down until it
clicks several times. Each time you open it you should twist it closed
until you hear the clicks.

There are any number of problems this could be and most of them would
be covered under warranty. The O2 sensors are another common problem.

If, after two or three days, the light goes out and stays out, I
wouldn't bother to have it checked. But, if in a few weeks it comes on
again, and you have keep good seal on the gas cap I'd be inclined to
have it checked somewhere -- ie -- pull the codes.

Sometimes the computer "sees" a little glitch. Then when it runs
through the cycle again, whatever set off is gone never to return.
However, if the light just stays on or goes off and comes back, then
it's really time to investigate.

Re: 2003 camry check engine light

Remove the EFI fuse will do the same thing without loosing any security

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