Camry transaxle Replacement

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Hi all, I am in the midst of replacing the two transaxles on my 91 Camry
FWD 4 cylinder US made vehicle. I have managed to remove the transaxle
from the hubs, but I can't figure out how to remove it from the
transmission. Can anyone enlighten me, I would be greatful


Re: Camry transaxle Replacement

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Gordo, I just went thru this exact same exercise on my wife's '93 4 cyl, what I
eventually found out....after much anger and the temptation to throw
things.......was that the intermediate shaft, the shaft that goes from the
right side drive axle into the transaxle, does not necessarily need to be
replaced when the drive axles are replaced. The inner cv joint boot can be
opened up, and the new driveaxle can be installed onto the existing
intermediate shaft, as the shaft itself and it's bearing rarely fail (it's
usually the outer cv's that go, shortly after the boots split and let the
dirt and water in). I tried to remove the intermediate shaft too, I figured
what the hell, I paid for it, but the bearing was seized into the cast motor
mount bracket, and it was not going to come out.
All of the above only pertains to the pass side of the car, the drivers side
is easy, once the wheel hub has been removed from the driveaxle and dropped
out of the way, the axle can be pried out of the transaxle, there is only a
split ring holding it into the trans. If it doesn't cooperate, pry on it and
gently tap on it as well to get it moving, it will "pop" out, and the new
one should "pop" in.
Good Luck,

Re: Camry transaxle Replacement
I will give your suggestion a try. Thank-you much for the advice. I'll try
it tomorrow and let you know how I do. I did throw my pry bar across the


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