Most reliable Camry models?

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I have a 93 Camry which has about 345k km (215k miles), and still runs
amazingly well. However, it will need to be replaced eventually, and
I'm starting to consider replacement vehicles. Are there certain Camry
models of certain years that have particularly good track record for
maintenance and reliability?

I realize the current recall complicates this isue, so how about
limiting discussion to 1995 through 2005 models.

All input greatly appreciated.

Re: Most reliable Camry models?

On Jan 30, 4:58=A0pm, "Human Factors in the Training of Pilots By
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I have a 2000 Camry Le with about 210,000kms on it. Since I have owned
it, I've had to replace the front brake pads and rotors, rear struts,
thermostat, exhaust pipe and tires. I have never had a problem or
issue with either engine or transmission. No sludge, no slipping and
not a drop of oil is being burned. I am very pleased with the car.
Yes, I've put some money into it, but its not too bad for a 10 year
old car, I don't think anyways. That being said, my parents have a
2006 Camry and it has just over 100,000kms on it and only now are they
replacing the front brakes. Other then that, their car has served them
excellently. Both cars are 4-cyls and have excellent gas mileage. If
you have any other questions, just post them, and I will do my best to
answer them!

Re: Most reliable Camry models?

Human Factors in the Training of Pilots By Jefferson M. Koonce wrote:
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    The 2002 Camry should be avoided because of more problems than
typical and a lower side impact rating than any subsequent year. 2002
was really the first full year for this Camry. The other years seem to
be pretty good.

Re: Most reliable Camry models?

On Jan 30, 2:58=A0pm, "Human Factors in the Training of Pilots By
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Google toyota motor sludging, transmissions slipping out of gear,
loose head bolts. You have generation 3? 1-2-and 3 were well built
with no suprise packages. Mine is a gen 2 and only salt is killing it.
On mine and maybe others in the midwest when the body rusts, so do the
brake and fuel lines and gas tank straps. I had my brake line fail in
a snowstorm on the wrong side of town, My tank straps are gone I have
new ones and the fuel line rusted and leaked , all this 10 years ago.
Condition is key, like did the other guy change oils etc. Are brake
and fuel lines rusted, its big money doing lines and tank straps

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