Overdrive not working

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I just had my car serviced where they flushed my transmission fluid, replaced
the waterpump, cleaned the throttle body.  The car only has 74K miles and
runs great.  Before I took the car in, my OD was working fine and I was
getting around 29 MPG.  I got 21 MPG and noticed that the car has a high RPM
when at 60 MPH.  I pushed the OD button on the shifter and it downshifted to
2nd gear.  That was just weird.  So what I did was stop, turned off the OD
and took off.  The car never went into 3rd gear and the RPM was just way too
high.  I went ahead and pushed the OD button and it finally went into 3rd
gear but never into 4th/OD.  

Can someone please give me an idea if the Toyota service department did
something to the car causing it to not work anymore.  I've read some articles
that there are all kinds of sensors that affect the OD.  Please help.

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