wet carpet on driver side floor

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Doesn't seem to be A/C related.
Happens only after it rains.
Not coming down the windshield.
I was told to clean out the grill area in front of the windshield and
beneath the wipers, as it may be full of leaves, pine needles, and
other crud that is probably blocking drainage.

I understand that I need to remove the wiper arms to do this?

Any thoughts?

Re: wet carpet on driver side floor

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It's probably the drain for the ac. Do you hear any sloshing when you
corner? You can clear it out with soft wire from underneath the car,
or pop the drain tube from the bottom of the heater box and clear it
from inside the car (passenger side, remember to be quick and cover
the hole when you pull the drain how because a gallon or two of water
is probably stirring around up there).

 Google "camry ac drain" and you'll get all the info you need to find
and clear the drain.

Re: wet carpet on driver side floor

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Thanks for the advice.

From what I have read an a/c drain leak (on a 99 Camry) would affect
the passenger side, not the driver side.

We haven't noticed any sloshing sounds...

This leak seems directly related to rainfall.

No rain, no leak.


Re: wet carpet on driver side floor

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My wife's got an 01. You probably do have to pull the arms to remove
the cowl to get directly at the vents.
check out this page: http://www.camrystuff.com/manuals/Gen4/Body.pdf
and search on "wiper".

But I still think that if the windshield isn't leaking, the only way
into the cabin from the front of the car is through the heating/
cooling intake, which goes into a box between the passenger and
driver's sides and has a drain on the passenger side. If you take a
lot of right turns with the box full of water, the water will slosh
out of the foot vent on the driver's side. (In my old Jetta, it would
drop the water right on your accelerator foot.)



Re: wet carpet on driver side floor

My 91 Camry started leaking water into the driver side about 10 years
ago, and into the passenger side about 3 years ago.  The cause looks to
me like a design fault.  The channel under the wipers drains out a hole
in each side (behind the side panels over the front wheels).  These
drain holes have rubber flaps, presumably to stop dust getting in.  What
happens is the flaps obstruct the drain holes sufficiently to trap
organic material (leaves etc) that has made its way into the channel.
After some years the organic material causes the channel to rust
through, letting water into the inside of the car.  To make matters
worse, the water enters directly over some important electrical stuff -
junctions, fuses and relays.

I believe, but can't prove, that this is the cause of a frustrating
intermittent problem that I have.  Although I've done what I can to stop
water coming through (various measures that I will not elaborate on
unless asked), the car has a fault in the ignition system that sometimes
stops the spark from happening.  This usually occurs on trying to start
the car, but a couple of times it has failed while the engine was
running.  The failures are unrelated to the weather, and recently have
happened when it's been dry for weeks.  All electrical tests I've
carried out show OK.  This has been plaguing me for  couple of years.
Usually the car restarts within about half an hour, but not always.  A
mechanic replaced the distributor, but that didn't change anything.  The
error code is 43, which refers to the starter signal STA, but that
doesn't really make sense since the engine cranks and there is always 12
v at the distributor.

wet carpet on driver side floor
There are two big holes (1inch) on the frame underneath, right behind front tires. One oval, and one round on each side.  Floor carpet can be seen.
If holes are open, look for rubber plugs inside. I found all 4 plugs, Camry 2008
Put the round plug from inside through oval hole, push with finger.
And oval plug bottom up.

Normally fenders help, but this car is not from Japan.

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