240 - Flickering Dash Warning Lights.

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This started last night. I think it may be the alternator but thought I'd
ask for some feedback. As I was driving, all of the dash warning lights
started to pulsate (flicker dimly). The headlights seem to funtion normally
and it starts OK. Runs and drives fine. So I drove home (about 20 miles)
just waiting for my luck to run out and to be stranded, but I made it home.
As I got almost home it seemed like the Charge/Battery light was a bit
brighter and steady and the other lights seemed to be dimmer but still
flickering. Any thoughts? TIA, Michael


Re: 240 - Flickering Dash Warning Lights.

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Michael, That is the *exact* presentation when my 240's alternator brushes were
worn.... also happens when the serpentine belt is loose/worn, resulting in
less than 12.6V going to the battery....


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