timing marks on b230f engine (1990)

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Hello, I just got done rebuilding my B230f, and am just putting
everything back onto it, but I noticed something funny about the timing
marks, specifically, the one on the crankshaft.  The nub you are
supposed to line up is in between teeth on the belt, so you have to
choose between slightly before the mark or slightly after the mark.
When I line up the cam and intermediate shaft sprocket marks with the
timing belt marks and the static marks on the engine, the crankshaft is
not at top dead center.  It's either a little BTDC or a little after.
At first I thought it was because the distributor is still tightened
down (nevber moved it).  But that makes no sense.  No matter where the
distributor is, I should be able to line up all three marks perfectly.
But they jus don't line up all that great.  I guess my harmonic
balancer could have shifted slightly, but it's so close, that doesn't
seem relevant...  but I guess that's how it starts, eh.  Little by
little until the timing mark is nowhere near anything it should be.

By the time you read this I will have started her already, and may have
figured it out, but I just wanted to check if anybody else ran into the
sam conundrum.....


Re: timing marks on b230f engine (1990)
uuuum, nevermind, took it apart again and found the right timing mark -
the harmonic balancer is turned all the way round!  Damn thing had me
confused as hell for a couple days.....

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